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Alisar riipus, Savutammi
Alisar riipus, Savutammi
Alisar Pendant, Oak Wood Veneer
Alisar Pendant, Oak Wood Veneer
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Alisar Pendant, Oak Wood Veneer

Wood veneer is our new wonderful material!

The pendant is piece of beautiful smoked oak.It also has a lovely natural wood aroma. This pendant is designed by Hanna Alppimaa and the message of this jewelry is that everyone should have equal rights.

SIZE: 7,5 cm / 2,75 inch.

LEATHER RIBBON: Real leather, lenght 1 meter.

MATERIAL: Wood veneer, thickness 3mm / 0,18 inch.

COLOUR: Dark oak and light elm

Metal Parts: Fastening rings are silver plated, nickel-free.


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