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Alisar Pendant, Elm Wood Veneer
Alisar Pendant, Elm Wood Veneer
Alisar riipus, Jalava
Alisar riipus, Jalava
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Alisar Elm Pendant, Wood Veneer

Wood veneer is our new wonderful material! 

The pendant's edge is made of beautiful dark wood and the upper part of the jewelry is light Elm-tree. It also has a lovely natural wood aroma.

This pendant is designed by Hanna Alppimaa and the message of this jewelry is that everyone should have equal rights.

SIZE: 7,5 cm / 2,75 inch.

LEATHER RIBBON: Real leather, lenght 1 meter.

MATERIAL: Wood veneer, thickness 3mm / 0,18 inch.

COLOUR: Dark oak and light elm

Metal Parts: Fastening rings are silver plated, nickel-free.


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