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Roselle lahjasetti
Roselle lahjasetti
Roselle rannekoru + korvakorut setti, musta
Roselle rannekoru + korvakorut setti, musta
Roselle rannekoru
Roselle rannekoru
Korut pakataan lahjapakkaukseen
Korut pakataan lahjapakkaukseen
31,90 €

NEW! Roselle Gift, Bracelet + Earrings, Black

A jewellery set is a welcome gift for your girlfriend, wife or a dear friend! Buy this great jewellery set as a present, maybe even for yourself! 

This jewellery set includes: Roselle bracelet - black + Roselle earrings, black.

  • The Coruu silicone jewellery is made of one-millimetre matte-coated silicone.
  • Silicone does not contain any allergenic materials.
  • The hooks are silver-plated and nickel-free.
  • You can wash your jewellery using water and soap.
  • Scandinavian design.

This jewellery set includes:  - Roselle Bracelet, black +  Roselle earrings   
- Earrings Size = lenght 3 cm / 1.18 inch (excluding the hook)

- Bracelet Size: : Lenght 23 cm x 3,7 cm, (length of the pattern is 12,5 cm).
( 9.05 in x 1.45 in, length of the pattern is 4.92 in)


The manufacturing process of Coruu silicone jewellery starts at the designer’s desk.  There’s a unique story behind each piece. Three skilled designers, Finnish Sara Tuuli and Tessa Ojala and Japanese-Finnish Satsuki Hata seek inspiration from the natural world and graphic patterns. Only the best and most showy design will be included in the Coruu selection – the genuine statement pieces! All jewellery is manufactured in Finland using laser cutting technology. Each piece is finished and packed by hand in Finland.


Silicone is a polymerized siloxane and one of its elements is sand. Silicone does not contain any allergenic materials, such as heavy metal compounds, nickel, or latex. Silicone and its various forms are used in healthcare (for instance in prostheses and artificial joints) and in cooking - just because of these fine characteristics. Silicone is not the same as plastic, and its manufacturing process does not require oil, one of our unrenewable resources.

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