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Coruu Designers

Design by Matsuko Shimizu

I'm a Japanese designer based in Finland. My designs are inspired by my everyday life. I always look for something pretty and fun. I hope you´ll like!

- Matsuko Shimizu, designer

Design by Tessa Ojala

I am a designer, upholsterer, and image artisan. All kinds of visual expression is important to me and I get easily excited about different projects. I love working with jewellery design, photography, painting, and handicrafts. Silicone is an interesting material. I’m honoured to have been given the opportunity to design Coruu jewellery and hope that you like them.

- Tessa Ojala, design

Design by Sara Tuuli

“I am a trained clothes designer and clothing artisan. I've always been interested in fashion and what people want to express through the clothing choices they make. As a designer, I am versatile and always open to trying new things. I have plenty of ideas and am skilled at creating visual worlds. It is important to me that the products I create are of high quality and please the customer. Things that make me happy include rock’n’roll, travelling, summer nights, my loved ones, Fridays, and hamburgers. - I wish that you like the jewellery I have designed for Coruu!”

- Sara Tuuli, designer / Finland

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